Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans – They Deliver Quality and Affordability

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans – They Deliver Quality and Affordability

Ceiling fans not only provide affordable cooling, they also add value to your home if and when you ever decide to sell. And within this rather extensive marketplace, Harbor Breeze ceiling fans really stand out in terms of value, décor and long-term reliability.

You can easily check them out online, or at any Lowes store where they are retailed exclusively and backed by Lowes’ as well as the manufacturer, Litex.


Regardless of the specific model you select, every Harbor Breeze ceiling fan will share some important characteristics with all the others in their line. These include an attractive look, quiet operation, ease of installation and affordability.

You’ll also find that desirable Energy Star label affixed, guaranteeing you that your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is a highly energy efficient cooling device that won’t make a major contribution to your summertime energy costs.

Models to suit every budget

When you visit Lowes or the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan website, you will discover that the line features an extensive selection of models to choose from. One popular example is the 52″ Bellhaven. This Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is available in either a nickel or a bronze finish, comes equipped with five reversible cherry wood blades and has a four-light alabaster glass kit. It is priced around $150.00.

Dropping down a peg in cost to around $100.00, you will find the 42″ Princess Euro model that is available in an antique nickel and chrome finish and is also supplied with a light kit.

Harbor Breeze Okracoke

The least expensive Harbor Breeze ceiling fan model is the 42″ Okracoke Dual Mount fan. It is priced below $50.00, so it is extremely affordable. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans also come in several high-end versions, but the ones shown here are the best combination of performance, quality and reliability vs. cost.

If you decide to purchase your fan at a local Lowes store, you will gain the consultation of their highly-experienced sales staff who will supply reliable answers to any questions that you may have about the different models.

Plan a bit before you shop

One good tip: Before you go out to buy a ceiling fan, make certain that you know just what size you want for each room you plan to install a fan in. The décor of your rooms should be firmly in mind when you are shopping. After all, you want your new Harbor Breeze ceiling fan to ‘fit-in’ with the furnishings in your room.

Also remember that if you plan on having a fan that doubles as a light fixture and a cooling device, it’s a good idea to have some idea how near the wiring is when the electrician comes in to make the electrical hook-up to the fan. Also, Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can also be supplied with remote controls if that convenience appeals to your lazier side.

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