The Advantages of Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans

The Advantages of Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans

I guess the benefits of a remote regulated ceiling fan are apparent, however I am going to expand on them a bit here.

Imagine it is the middle of the night and the fan above your bed is on high. You wake up and feel the breeze is a bit excessive, feeling type of like you are in a wind tunnel, so you have to rise to pull the chain to decrease the setting on your fan (and if you resemble me, being just five feet high, you have to climb on top of the bed to reach that chain). The addition of a push-button control is convenient in such a situation. It eases the problem of stretching or climbing to reach the chain and, therefore, waking your partner in the middle of the night. The risk of hurting your back is likewise reduced.

I have to tell you an individual issue I have actually constantly had with those little chains that hang down. For years I had a ceiling fan above my bed as explained above. I am an animal lover and have actually invariably discovered one of my felines on my bed staring at that chain hanging down and analyzing what it would take for them to jump up and get it. I have had lots of a headache of among them jumping up, getting onto the chain, and being flung around in circles as the fan turns! For me, this headache was overcome by including a remote controlled ceiling fan! No more tease for the cats, say goodbye to nightmares!

Photo another scenario: you are sitting enjoying a truly good motion picture with a lot of friends/family and you unexpectedly realize the fan is developing too much of a breeze. Instead of getting up to pull that old made chain, missing out on the best part of the motion picture, and obstructing the view of the others in attendance, you can simply grab the remote and change the fan setting without ever leaving your seat. Life today is everything about benefit, so give in, and don’t stress over that lazy-bones syndrome.

In all fairness, I think I need to discuss the downside of a remote regulated fan. Make certain to alter the batteries when they get low!

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